This is a summary of my photographic work of 30 years.
The material is grouped into 4 sections:
Digital 1 and 2, Colour work on film, Black and White ??br /> each represented by a colour.

If you click on a section, a panel with the individual

thematic pages will show up. Click on one of them and
you will get to the respective page. Move the cursor over
a thumbnail there and click to enlarge the image.
Or keep clicking on the big picture.

Pictures can stand on their own, but I have written
short explanatory texts on all pages.

My iTunes music library has become a kind of trouble over the years. I have several copies of a lot of songs, and I would remove excess copies. The problem is that I have often used different copies of a song in different playlists. I would be able to combine all my duplicates and keep a copy of a song, which appears in all the playlists I had before. Unfortunately, none of the tools I've looked can deal with this: deleted copies of a song also removed from all playlists in which they appeared, and the remaining copy only appears in the playlists in the listed before that particular copy. This seems like it should not be a very difficult problem - is there really anything out there that does? Here we suggest a good tools for you to remove duplicate songs in iTunes at once with only 3 clicks! Moreover, this iTunes Duplicates remover can also help you to get album artwork in iTunes automatically at the same time, even the songs are not purchased from iTunes.