Q: I've deleted the text messages on my iPhone 5S by accident, I would like to view some messages that were sent and received from about 14 weeks ago. A: Is this possible? Here we suggest a backup recovery software to recover deleted iPhone's text messages with few clicks. It helped many users lots by recovering all the contents back.Then how about you are using an andriod phone and recover deleted files from android phone's internal storage? Thomas asked: I want to recover photos off android. The mistake was done and I cannot help blame myself losing my photos plus my sisiter's weeding videos. The memory card I used in my andriod phone is 32G and I juse deleted the files by mistake. I cannot find them. Is there any hope of recover deleted files from android phones? Let me show you a simple way to recover picture, contacts, SMS, movies from android mobile phones.
I have a Samsung S4 android phone, I took quite a lot of nice photos and videos in my brother's christmas party, but I don't know what happaned, when I try to find the photos and videos today, and find all photos are gone. Not sure how to recover those deleted photos and videos from my Samsung android phone. I googled and tried some photo recovery software, and luckily I found an easy to follow android photo recovery tutorial which heped me get back all my deleted photos from my Samsung SD card. If you keep using it, those deleted files will be overwritten, and your can't recover deleted photos from Android phone. Then my good friend Jony is also facing the same problem of me, but he is using iPhone 5. He just had an big argue with his girl friend about some other girls problem, and his girl friend want to recheck the deleted text messages on his iPhone 5 to ensure he was not lied about the party time few weeks ago. Without saved the text messages on iCloud and backed up them with iTunes, how can they recover the deleted text messages on iPhone 5? I've also googled and send them one iPhone data recovery, and finaly it worked and they are happy for holiday in Bali with each other now. New photos show iPhone 6 cases with a new design for a power button on the right and a larger display. Create cool iPhone 6 cases with photos at Tiny Prints. Custom iPhone cases make the best gift for all ages
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