I was born in an insignificant village in the southwest of Germany, where cows, pigs and chickens were still a regular sight in and around the houses. An only child of older parents I grew up in my own world. I was an outsider at four, and have been ever since. Today, finally, I enjoy it. Pop music and the young world first touched me only when I was 17. I declined my father?¡¥s advice to become a civil servant or a bank manager - safe jobs - and went to study mathematics in 1971.
     I changed direction in my studies, intending to teach art and literature, but wasn?¡¥t happy with it. I took a break to ?¡ãfind?� myself, and then went on to study graphic design. This time it went well and I could identify with this profession. After my graduation I wanted to experience a different culture and 1980 settled in London. I got a position as designer for Mitchell Beazley Publishers, but went freelance at the end of the year. During this time I art-directed, designed and illustrated various reference books on topics such as astronomy and science & technology. And, I took great interest in London?¡¥s exciting music and art scene.
      Three years later I went back to Germany to teach visualizing methods at various Fachhochschulen, but declined to take up a promising academic career. In 1983 I finally embarked on my first travels outside Europe - a trip around Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and some other Asian countries. From then on I was infected with the travelling virus.
      In the mid-1980s I designed and illustrated a German schoolbook on physics and chemistry and continued to travel and lead an unstable life. The fall of the Berlin Wall and communism brought me back to Germany - I wanted to be close to these historic events. In the early 1990s I worked for two big clients. I was art-director and designer for a visual encyclopaedia (Ravensburger Elexicon) and I designed corporate brochures for Daimler-Benz.
      In the mid-1990s I quit commercial design, travelled all over the American continent, wrote an unpublished travelogue and started painting. In the early 2000s disaster struck and destroyed my world completely. I had to redefine my life. In 2003-04 I travelled all over Europe in my battered old van, painting in Spain and Lithuania. The winters were spent travelling in Asia. In June 2005 I took up residency in Bangkok where I have been living until 2010, and have been concentrating on photography. Since 2009 I have been married to my Thai angel.
There are a lot of pictures on this website. Maybe I should have reduced them to the best 100. But ¡§C I wanted to show those that are important to me. And they are usually not masterpieces, but they tell a story, at least for me, and they belong to my life. I am not ultra-concentrated on one artistic aspect, I have been meandering through life and the visual world, and I have enjoyed going here and there.
Most important, no day without it.
Roots Reggae and Lovers Rock, Ska, Soul, Salsa, Mambo, African pop, Dance grooves. Oldstyle Country, Rock?¡¥n?¡¥Roll. Element of Crime, James Hunter, Van Morrison, DePhazz, Barry White, Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, George Jones, Willy Nelson.
DJs: Mark Lamarr, Jazzy B and lovely Jenny Wilkes - and before: Norman Jay, Andy Kershaw, Miss P, Robby Vincent, John Peel. All BBC. And David Rodigan.
People who moved me
Franz Xaver Kroetz, Tinguely, Nikki de St Phalle, Bacon, J. D. Salinger, Coen Brothers, Nick Lowe, John Peel & Sheila, Lovelock, Dame Edna Average, Avedon, Cartier-Bresson, Martin Parr, Eggleton, Rosselini, Fellini, Truffaut, Alexander Kluge, Helge Schneider, Uwe Seeler, Overath, Ornella Muti, Klaus Voormann, Enke & Widow, Vivienne Westwood, Iveta R, Beatles, Bowie, Beck, Van Morrison, Beckett, Franco from Kinshasa, Graham Parker, Wreckless Eric, Hockney, Araki...
and a lot more.